On the environment:

Hands-On don't believe in using the environment as a marketing tool. We think preserving our environment is the right-on thing to do, especially as we're located on the beautiful Cornish Atlantic coast. Here are some of the things Hands-On are doing to minimise our carbon handprint:

  • We don't use bags with a foil lining and plastic valve, there's no need when roasting fresh coffee every week.
  • We recycle as much of our own waste as we can – the 'chaff' collected from our roasting is great in compost/mulch.
  • We re-use our coffee bean sacks – more information coming soon!
  • We avoid buying coffee beans that have been air freighted;
  • Deliveries from our Cornish roastery are made in an innovative high efficiency van.
  • Our coffee roaster is fitted with high-efficiency low NOx burners, powered by gas – the cleanest fuel.
  • Roasting locally and buying locally contributes to keeping food miles down, whilst giving you a fresher coffee.
  • Remember, you can compost the used coffee grinds too!

On fairer trade:

We don't use marketing gimmicks when it comes to fairer trade either. Rather than joining a fairer trade scheme to put a logo on our bags, we decided it would be best to purchase coffee of the highest quality. It all gets very complicated, but generally the highest quality coffee demands a higher price, which means the growers receive a premium. It's a win/win: better quality coffee for a better price to the grower. This contrasts with many mass-produced coffee beans which can sometimes leave growers short changed (and usually a bad taste in your mouth).

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