Single Origin Signature blends Limited Release

Colombian Supremo

These large Supremo beans produce a classic Colombian brew that is mild and very well-balanced.  Despite it's mildness there is still a caramel sweetness, silky smooth mouth-feel and minimal bitterness.

This is a great all-rounder of a coffee, good for drinking at any time and great with food.  Our roaster is sure he can detect tobacco undertones in there too, so he's planning on trying together with a Cuban cigar!  This Supremo should not be confused with other cheaper Colombian beans......Great as a filter coffee, interesting as a sweet tasting espresso.

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Hands On Coffee - Colombian Supremo

Brazil, Fazenda Aliança

  • Altitude: 800-1000m
  • Location: Mogiana region, Brazil
  • Preparation: Pulped Natural
  • Varietal: Catuaí
  • Certification: Rainforest Alliance

The Brazil Fazenda Aliança is well-balanced, smooth chocolaty with notes of rum raisin and praline.

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Hands On Coffee - Brazil

Kernow Karma

The Kernow Karma started by sourcing the beans from the women's Cecanor cooperative in the Lambayeque region of Peru. Certified organic and fair trade, with an extra premium being paid directly to the women farmers, and a further donation per unit going to a UK womens charity from the UK importer. Through the nature of micro roasting in small batches the carbon footprint was always going to be low on this roast, but we have gone one further by sourcing 100% compostable bags to package the beans and for every bag sold we donate 10p to the Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (WREN).

The beans are wet processed and sun-dried. The Kernow Karma (single origin Peru Cecanor) is a very smooth cup with a slightly nutty aroma, well balanced with a sweet caramel body and mellow acidity. With our medium roast profile we believe this is a great all-rounder and although we have been giving the beans a fair amount of time through the espresso machine we prefer to indulge in our Karma using the cafetiere. We hope you enjoy your Kernow Karma and feel as good about it as we do.

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Hands On Coffee - Kernow Karma
Hands On Coffee - North Coast Roast

North Coast Roast

Our North Coast Roast is roasted and blended to produce a great "all-round" coffee. Just like our location on the north Cornish coast, it appeals to a wide range of tastes and yet has enough individuality to be distinctive.

North Coast Roast is made from 100% arabica beans, which are medium-roasted and blended to give a smooth, well-balanced and slightly nutty taste,

It is ideal for drinking at any time either on its own or as an accompaniment to food. Perfect for use in a cafetiere (plunger), but if feeling experimental it can also be brewed as an espresso.

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Hands On Coffee - Lusty Glaze

The 'Lusty Glaze' Espresso

An iconic beach deserves an iconic espresso, or so we think. The beautiful Lusty Glaze beach located on the north Cornwall coast is the inspiration for our micro-roasted espresso blend. This espresso is adaptable enough to be brewed straight (a great wake-up call to a mornings surfing), or served with milk to relax for a moment and gaze out to sea.

Our Lusty Glaze espresso is consistently made from a blend of 100% arabica beans sourced from South America, Indonesia and Africa. We roast in small batches to 'medium plus', which is not quite dark enough to create the bitterness that would otherwise develop. You will find our espresso to be full-bodied with a strong yet clean taste, complete with hints of dark chocolate.

Brewed correctly our espresso will have sufficient natural sweetness not to require sugar. Unless you've got a serious sweet tooth...

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Hands On Coffee - Black Chough

The 'Black Chough'

Black Chough is our take on the famous 'west coast style' of coffee from the Pacific Coast of the USA. As a Cornish micro-roaster we've added a twist of the wild Cornish west coast to our deep roast. The result is a darker roasted coffee where the Atlantic Coast meets the Pacific Coast.! Expect clean bright notes with a sweet-bittersweet balance, and absolutely no robusta!

Our Latin American all-arabica blend benefits from a slower roasting profile that helps to develop the caramel flavours without increasing the bitterness or smoky notes. Roasted into 'second crack' the taste is smooth, rich, and intense with a caramel bitter-sweetness. This is an adaptable coffee that can be enjoyed brewed or as an espresso.

If you're wondering, the Chough (pronounced "chuff") is a rare black-feathered bird - now gladly making a return to the Cornish west coast. Find out more about the Chough.

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Guatemala Finca Nueva Granada Monte Rosa

  • Altitude: 1500m
  • Location: San Marcos, Guatemala
  • Preparation: Hand-Picked, washed using natural spring water from the farm
  • Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra and Catuaí
  • Certification: Rainforest Alliance

The Guatemala Finca Nueva Granada Monterosa has a full body with hints of sweet fruit and chocolate and a gentle zest in the finish.

Great to be brewed as a cafetiere or filter

Hands On Coffee - Limited Release
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El Salvador Los Luchadores Pacamara SHG

  • Altitude: 1400-1600m
  • Location: Finca El Molino, El Encanto and San Francisco
  • Preparation: Washed
  • Varietal: Pacamara cultivar (or 'elephant bean')

Los Luchadores has a rich complexity of flavours and aromas in a creamy medium body. With spicy plum and figs aroma and a coating of dark chocolate at the finish.

Hands On Coffe - Limited Release
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Hands-On Subscriptions

Fancy a regular supply of freshly micro-roasted coffee delivered to your door every month? With our 6-month or 1-year subscriptions you can choose either 250g per month, or for the serious coffee connoisseur a 500g bag of coffee per month. If you like variety, this is the option to go for! It makes a great gift too.

How it works: Our roaster will personally pick your coffee from our selection, keeping things interesting and seasonal by selecting what's in the roastery at the time. It'll then be roasted and bagged by hand, and posted by Royal Mail. We offer a 'green bean' option for home-roasters too.

Please choose whether you would like your coffee posted at the beginning or middle of the month in the drop-down box (by selecting 1st or 15th ). We'll then roast and post each month as near to this date as possible.

If you're taking the subscription as a gift, just leave a note in the box at checkout or send us an email so we know what postal address to use.

Hands On Coffee - Subscription Offers
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Our Coffee

All our coffee is freshly roasted in small batches at our roastery in Wadebridge, Cornwall. We micro-roast in batches of no more than 15kg at a time - this means we roast frequently to provide only the freshest coffee. Our Joper roaster (aka 'Pedro') uses hot-air which gives the beans a very even roast. We hate stale coffee in plastic/foil pouches, so whenever possible we supply coffee roasted the same week as it has been ordered. Our quality kraft paper bags have a foldable tie, and are 250g (not the smaller 227g) and are always filled by hand. We also offer a 1kg option for most of our coffee.

We currently offer our Cornish-crafted 'Lusty Glaze' espresso and our easy-drinking 'North Coast Roast', together with a range of coffees that are great examples of the countries and regions they originate from. The Limited Release selection contains single-estate and micro lot coffee that varies from time-to-time depending upon what's in season and when we find something particularly special.

For 'home roasting' enthusiasts all our single-origin and single-estate beans are available in 500g packs, just select the 'green bean' option from the drop down menu. All green beans are posted with roasting and cupping notes!

Fresh - we're on the case

We're pretty obsessed with freshness. We don't make coffee to go inside space age foil-lined bags with valves. These types of bags are designed to sit in warehouses and on supermarket shelves for months on end, and they definitely aren't 'right-on' when it comes to the environment. Our coffee is freshly micro-roasted at our Cornish roastery every week. Speciality coffee tastes far better within one month of roasting - no valves required!