Las Ladjectives: New Words and New Coffee Beans…

An email landed in our inbox this week with the mysterious title “Las Ladjectives”.  Having sent a bag of our new micro-roasted Las Lajas Co-operative (El Salvador) beans to a coffee fanatic friend (who works as an engineer, part-time barista and crackpot roaster fabricator), it was guaranteed to be an interesting read.

As predicted, the email contained a great description of the Las Lajas beans including a whole heap of adjectives (or Las Ladjectives!) that hadn’t been apparent from our cupping, but still made perfect sense.  The honey tone that we felt stood out in the Las Lajas was agreed, but in addition Mr Wallace had this to say in terms of espresso: “it has a sweet floral note with a tang in the way honey is sweet but with more complexity than white sugar. I find it can have quite tangy acidity as well in a similar way to pineapple or pink grapefruit”.  As a filter coffee his choice of ladjectives included a “buttery and smooth” mouthfeel.

As tempting as it might be we’re not going to update our website to describe the El Salvador Las Lajas as tasting like pink grapefruit, but sat here with cold hands wrapped around a Flat White made with Las Lajas there’s definitely a bit of grapefruit in there somewhere.  And a bit of manuka honey.  Believe it or not, it also tastes like good coffee should do too.

If you’ve got any of your own ‘ladjectives’ we’d love to hear of them!


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