Black Chough – now roasting!

A few late nights roasting this week have been accompanied by the sound of a rolling ‘second crack’.  This isn’t something our roaster has been used to – the majority of our coffee leaves the roaster before the beans start making their second crackling noise whilst tumbling around the hot drum.  But the latest edition to our ‘Signature Range’ is a deeper roasted coffee and therefore needs to spend a bit longer in the drum to develop those distinctive flavours.

Black Chough (pronounced “chuff”) is named after a bird, once common in Cornwall but sadly now found in only a few isolated spots on the Cornish coast.  The good news is that it’s making a return – you can read about it HERE.  Our Black Chough blend uses Latin American arabica beans which are micro-roasted to bring out a rich and intense flavour, whilst at the same time minimising smoky tastes that sometimes dominate darker roasted coffee.  But the Black Chough name isn’t just inspired by the darker roast; this blend is influenced by the ‘west coast’ coffee roasting style from the USA, characterised by a caramel bitter-sweetness.  With a hands-on twist coming from Cornwall’s own remote west coast, we’ve developed a roasting profile that gives the intensity of a dark roast whilst still maintaining a very well-balanced taste.  Darker roasted coffee doesn’t have to taste bitter!

Black Chough can be enjoyed as a brewed coffee, and also makes for an enjoyable espresso. Expect a medium bodied espresso, with an acidity that’s apparent but not overpowering, plus light smoky notes on the aftertaste.

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