Hands-On Coffee: Our Epiphany

When you drink Hands-On coffee we hope you experience the same epiphany that we had when we first tasted a speciality micro-roasted coffee. Our coffee epiphany occurred in an unusual location: in a backstreet of Auckland, New Zealand, next to some seedy strip clubs. A small café roastery served us the most amazing 'flat white' we'd ever tasted, so good that we've never looked back. If you're ever visiting Auckland it's definitely worth finding Millers: www.millers.net.nz

Once you've had your own coffee epiphany we're sure that you'll want to drink speciality coffee forever after.

Hands-On Micro-Roasting

Our hands-on approach to coffee roasting means we roast in small batches, using only the very highest quality coffee beans we can source. We call this 'micro-roasting', and we think it makes some of the freshest and best tasting coffee you can buy.

Micro-roasting is like a coffee equivalent to a micro-brewery. What tastes better, a crafted Pilsner from a micro-brewery or a mass-produced lager? We think it's the same with coffee: big definitely isn't better.

Our aim is simple: to consistently roast and blend great coffee, supplied fresh from our roastery to local customers in the shortest time possible.

By meeting this simple aim we think we'll be helping to achieve something much bigger: promoting an independent coffee culture where locally roasted coffee is favoured over stale and mediocre mass-produced alternatives. Cornwall's coffee culture is then set to match its reputation for quality locally produced food.

For that final touch our Limited Release selection contains single-estate and micro lot coffee that varies from time-to- time depending upon what's in season and when we find something particularly special.

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